Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Cookie got really mad the other day. He thinks I am being a "jerk friend" and "a big ugly poop" for not having updated his blog.
So since tearing out the shelving, Cookie has had several things installed:

-That wall my brother mostly built, mentioned earlier

-A bed frame, designed by Justin and executed by me and Bret

-Solar panels by Brian, Bret, and myself

-I bought a dresser at Deseret Industries

Alright, here goes the exhausted lame promise of pictures so common of bloggers but Ryan is sending me pictures as I type this. Pictures of 'the Gutting' and eventually some current pictures.

2 timing

Seth's facebook status: "sleeping with Tigerlily tonight. She has been neglected..." Tigerlily is the lovely red van with velvet interior pictured above, with Seth. As you can see, Tigerlily is very lovely, which is no surpise that Cookie decided to swoop in. I go over to hang out alot at Seth, Jeff, and Dave's and it was my mistake of leaving Cookie alone with Tigerlily.
I confronted Cookie about it but he denied it and has been acting like nothing is wrong. Seth said that he was ok with it, which is a relief because I hated to be the one to tell him.

I will be really annoyed though if I find out that Tigerlily is pregnant. Seth told me to warn Cookie to "keep his exhaust pipe our of Tigerlily's door!" I support that statement. Ill be damned if I find a baby van on the lawn covered in tiger-shaped cookies.