Tuesday, September 8, 2009

iz about time!

cookie wanted an online identity so i made him a blog. cookie is a mother trucker. we are the same age. i found him on ksl and we have been best friends ever since i saw him for the first time about 3 months ago.
i came back for him on august 18 or 22, i cant remember.

cookie had lots of shelving that took ryan and i about 3 days to get out. reo let us work out in front of his truck and lent us some tools and such and provided me with some very useful information about power and bed structure ideas.

cookie passed safety and emissions but not before hissing and yelling really loud before he calmed down.

i started school aug 31. ryan started to insulate cookie before he went back on-shift at aspiro.

my brother mikey came out from california with some power tools to help me. he did most of the work on building a wall to separate the drivers side from the rest of it so it could be insulated.

cookie threw a fit the other day. he wont idle, he just goes to sleep instead. he is being very selfish and its not because i don't love him. i think he is angry that i have not decided on whether i want to insulate him or not.
its kindof like your parents taking a long time to decide whether or not you can go to the movies. you get angry.

i should have started this blog sooner


  1. I'm you biggest fan, I'm your biggest fan, I'm your biggest fan, I'm your biggest fan...heh heh heh heh

  2. no no no!!!! cookies a monster!